OnePlus 6 Smartphone will beat Apple & Google Phones

OnePlus 6 smartphone will launch on May 16th, becoming the 7th OnePlus flagship device. Chances are that with its unique features OnePlus 6 will beat Apple & Google Phones.

Notable Features of OnePlus 6


OnePlus 6 will be an extremely fast smartphone. It will be powered with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip. This chip is the most recent & fastest available chip that is also used in Samsung Galaxy S9.

Notch Display & Smooth Design

The phone will have a notch display, bigger than the one in Essential Phone but smaller than the one in iPhone X smartphone. As per the company, OnePlus 6 will feature the biggest screen they have ever put on any phone while the handset’s overall size will not be increased.

The design of the phone is sleek & smooth with a glass back. It is the first time that OnePlus will introduce a glass design in this product line.

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Amazing Storage

The phone will have an amazing storage of 256GB so you can store all your important data, apps, & pictures without the trouble of transferring them. Also, OnePlus 6 will have 8GB RAM.

Headphone Jack

There will be the headphone jack on OnePlus 6 phone. Google Pixel 2 phone lacked a headphone jack. Also, iPhone 8 phone had no headphone jack either. But OnePlus 6 smartphone will have one, thus understanding the needs & requirements of the customers.

Price of OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 will be the best OnePlus phone yet released, as per its specs. It is reported that the price of the phone will not be that expensive.

If OnePlus offers amazing features and the price of the phone remains less than the price of Google & Apple phones, it will just give an edge to OnePlus over the other two makers.