One Year Imprisonment for Pakistani men who remarry without the Permission of their First Wife

A lawyer during the hearing of a case told the Peshawar High Court that Pakistani men must take the permission of their first wife before remarrying, under the law. If a Pakistani man remarries without permission of his first wife, he may be imprisoned for a year for violation of the law.

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A woman put a case in the court saying that her husband remarried without asking for her permission. Justice Ikramullah Khan inquired that which book demands that a man should take permission from his first wife before getting married again. The lawyer informed him that as per a new law, a man cannot get married without the permission of his first wife.

Section 6(5) of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 clearly states that written permission is needed by the first wife if a man wishes to marry again. If a man does not follow this law and is proven guilty, he can be imprisoned for a year.

The husband, in this case, has been asked to submit reply and adjourn the hearing.

Earlier on 15th July, a Lahore court sentenced a man to 11 months in prison for remarrying without the permission of his first wife. Also, Rs250,000 fine was imposed on him.

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