One Outlook app: preview for Windows 10 and 11 expected soon

About two months ago, there were indications that Microsoft will soon begin the public testing phase for the Monarch project, otherwise known as “One Outlook”. Now there are more details about the new Outlook app. Windows users have been waiting for this since the first leaks in early 2021: Microsoft is working on a new Outlook app that will be launched for Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac. The work on the mammoth project is part of the effort to revamp the native apps, especially for Windows 11, and adapt them across platforms. The new Outlook app has been developed from scratch. Now, according to a report by the Online Magazine Windows Latest preparing a first public preview.

Want to start with the hybrid work event?

There’s already a launch date that’s been hotly traded: the group is said to be announcing the preview as part of the upcoming Microsoft Hybrid Work Event for Windows 11. It would be April 5 already. Incidentally, that would also be in line with the inside information we received in January. At the time, it was said that a test version would start within the Windows 11 Insider Previews in the Dev and Beta channels, with a high probability of late March or early April.

Microsoft would also have planned a relatively short test phase. The development of the app must be completed by August at the latest so that the final release can start in the fall. According to speculation, “One Outlook” will later replace Windows 10 and Windows 11 email and calendar apps, but not with a change from now to the same. Users could then be given the option of a transition period until the old applications are phased out.