On your Galaxy A54, try out Galaxy Enhance-X app from Samsung

Many new camera and photo editing features are available with Galaxy devices running One UI 6. However, not all of them are included in the Gallery or Camera apps by default. Through applications like Camera Assistant and Galaxy Enhance-X, which must be manually downloaded from the Galaxy Store, Samsung is also providing some functionality.

An update that was released a few weeks ago gave the Galaxy Enhance-X new capabilities as well as a UI overhaul for One UI 6. Starting with the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A54, Samsung is also bringing support for the Galaxy Enhance-X app to Galaxy A devices with One UI 6.

Owners of the Galaxy A54 should now be able to test out the Galaxy Enhance-X software by downloading it from the Galaxy Store, as the handset has been updated to Android 14/One UI in various markets during the past few days. Even if your Galaxy A54 is already running Android 14, it might take some time for everyone to get access to the app, so if you can’t find it in Samsung’s app store right away, make sure to check again later.

Galaxy Enhance-X is an addition to Samsung’s default photo editor

The Galaxy Enhance-X has several high-end capabilities and enhances photos using artificial intelligence. These include the ability to provide a long-exposure look to short videos, apply Single Take to already-existing videos, and reduce noise in photos to enhance their quality. Sky Guide can be used to identify constellations, galaxies, and other objects in night sky photos. With a single swipe, Galaxy Enhance-X can also automatically improve photographs.

Owners of Galaxy A53 phones will be able to download Galaxy Enhance-X as soon as their phone receives the One UI 6 update. Since November 20, Samsung has been pushing One UI and the most recent version of Android to a variety of devices quite quickly. This might happen soon. Samsung hasn’t formally confirmed that the app works on the Galaxy A34 and Galaxy A33, although it might.

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