Oman Eased Tourist Visa Rules for 3 Countries

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Oman’s Ministry of Tourism has allowed the tourists holding Indian, Chinese and Russian passports who are residing in the United States, Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom to enter Oman on a tourist visa without getting any sponsors.

It was reported in the National Daily Times of Oman that these rules are also applied to the ones making benefit of the Schengen Agreement. This agreement is a treaty between twenty-six European countries that have officially ended all kinds of border controls at their shared borders and passport needs while traveling within these countries. The Schengen which means area serves as a single nation for travel outside these countries. All these nations share common visa policy.

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This decision has been made to expand Oman’s economy as more revenues could be generated if the number of tourists increases under the “Tanfeedh” program. Tanfeedh is the Oman’s national level plan for the enrichment of economic broadening.

The rules for tourism visa have been simplified for three nationalities by the Omani leadership provided that individuals traveling to Oman must hold a legit passport with expiration up to at least six months and a return ticket.

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Also, the residency permit of any of the four nations that are the UK, US, Canada or Australia must be valid at the time application is filed and the travel is commenced.

This initiative would definitely prove a great step for Oman’s economy as it would result in bringing more revenues for the country.

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