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OLX and PakWheels get in to a Legal Copyright Infringement Battle

A legal, copyright infringement battle has started between OLX and PakWheels. OLX is claiming that PakWheels.com is misusing its copyrights and intellectual property without their consent. Few ads posted on the PakWheels have OLX logo on it, without the permission from OLX.

OLX has filed a complaint against PakWheels with Competition Commission of Pakistan.

Bilal Bajwa, GM, OLX Pakistan said that PakWheels repeatedly used their ads for months. After that OLX has finally issued a complaint against the auto blog site. Bilal said that the “Number could be in thousands.”

As per OLX, the replication of OLX ads on PakWheels is done deliberately and systematically.

On the other hand, PakWheels denies this claim by OLX. They say that the images they posted were by their bloggers and users and are not copied from OLX.

As per PakWheels users do copy their own ad from OLX and post it on PakWheels to attract more audience.

Raza Saeed, CEO of PakWheels said, “As a matter of fact, there are ads on OLX that have PakWheels logo on them.”

In response, Bilal Bajwa said, “I can give an underwriting that we never copy ads from other websites and that there’s no automatic process of replicating ads from other resources.”

It is pertinent to mention here that websites, where the users post content, can infringe copyrights but in that scenario, any image, text or ad detail is owned by the original ad poster. That ad poster can post their ad on different sites. That is legally allowed.

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In a similar manner, users can copy an image from a site that has watermark added.

Salman Baig, a digital entrepreneur said, “In USA, they deal with such copyright infringements under a protocol called “Safe Harbor” in which online websites with user-generated content must quickly block the access to infringing content when reported.”

PakWheels said that OLX has not reported this issue directly to them. “But OLX has realized that they don’t have a case and hence tried to settle the complaint out of court with us — that we have politely denied.”.