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Olive Production in Pakistan is the Next best Agricultural Solution

Olive production in Pakistan is the next best agricultural solution in order to support the cash-strapped economy of Pakistan.

As per the report, Pakistan imports olive oil worth $2 billion every year. In attempts to overcome this negative balance, the Punjab government initiated an olive production program in Potohar that planted more than 1 million olive trees on 8,000 acres of cultivable land in 2016.

Agriculture reforms that address cohesive economic growth are quite needed in Pakistan. Presently, Pakistan’s agriculture sector contributes 24% of GDP and absorbs almost 50% labor force. While the government has shifted focus towards small and marginalized farmers with intelligent technological integration for revamping crop yield, the import cycle from the outset disfigures numbers with devastating effect.

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Wheat, maize, rice, sugarcane, and cotton make up the major components of agriculture production for Pakistan. In recent years, due to hikes in prices of essential commodities like pulses, onions, potatoes, chilies, and tomatoes, crops have gained substantial economic importance.

For the agricultural sector to increase crop yields, and eventually, heavier export schematics to improve the economy of the country, innovation and reforms are needed for Pakistan.

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