Oil Tankers Owners Association Go on a Countrywide Strike

There is an ongoing conflict between Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association. Now due to the failure of reaching any consensus Oil Tanker Cartridge Association (OTCA) and All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association have decided to halt provision of services to the PSO.

A meeting was held in between the two leading oil tanker associations namely Oil Tanker Cartridge Association and All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association and PSO. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the new regulations introduced by Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to upgrade tankers. After the incident of Ahmedpur Sharqia where almost 200 people lost their lives after they tried collecting oil from an overturned oil tanker, OGRA has introduced new fitness regulation for tankers.

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PSO spokesperson informed the media that the oil tanker owners’ demands are unlawful and contrary to the interest of Pakistan. Oil tankers association wants to cancel the licensee of NLC which is quite impossible. He informed that 8000 Lorries PSO distribute the oil all over Pakistan, out of these 200 are given by NLC. He firmly confirmed that NLC Lorries follow the set standard issued by OGRA and other concerned authorities. On the contrary other tanker associations are not following the fitness regulation issued by the authorities.

PSO spokesperson said that they have asked the oil tanker associations to sit down and decide an appropriate time frame to upgrade their fleet, but they have not given any positive response. They are adamant on their demand to revoke NLC license, which is absolutely senseless.

Coming to the perspective of oil tankers association they believe the NLC is given preferential treatment.

General Secretary All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractor Association (APPCCA) Nauman Ali Butt said “Besides not lining up for loading and unloading, the NLC is not paying the NOC fee of Rs4 million. The private oil tankers are paying Rs4 million for the NOC/guarantee while no such guarantee money is being charged from NLC. The guaranteed money is transferable and refundable.”

Now the tankers associations have decided to halt service for PSO and go on strike against the company. The tanker’s owners are providing services to all other oil companies except PSO.

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