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Oil Tankers Association to Go on Strike

Oil Tankers Association

The Oil Tankers Association namely—All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association (APOTA) has made the announcement of going on a countrywide strike from the 21st of October until indefinite time.

According to the details, the owners of the tankers while talking to local media informed that the government has remained unsuccessful in addressing their concerns and no facilities have been given to them at the terminals. Additionally, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) is providing contracts for the provision of oil in the country to its favourite firms, they further said.

It is to be mentioned here that before giving the strike call, the associations gave ten days to the government for addressing their issues, but, the government failed in listening and solving the issues. It is being said that if the association goes on strike then the supply of petrol and diesel would be discontinued, and fuel would become a scarcity in Pakistan.

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Besides APOTA some other oil tanker associations are not supporting the strike called by the authority and have taken the decision to supply oil without any pause.

The government has also given hints of increasing the rate of oil products in the nation in upcoming days. Asad Umar—the finance minister made it very clear that owing to the increase in the prices of petroleum products globally the government might increase the prices of fuel as well.

The government has already raised the prices of gas and electricity in the past few days. The increase in gas tariff was rejected by the CNG dealers, as they claim that their businesses would suffer badly.

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