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Oil Tankers Association to go on a Countrywide Strike Again

It is expected that Oil Tankers Owners and Contractors Association will go on strike again. There have been issues going on in between Oil Tanker Owners and the authorities. The recent update is that a couple of days ago the Oil Tankers Contractors Association (OTCA) sent a letter to the Ministry of Petroleum. The Association asked the government to address their issues otherwise they will go on a strike all over Pakistan.

Oil Tankers Contractors Association claim that the government authorities always favor the National Logistic Cell (NLC) over the other associations which are quite unfair. Association said that the negative sales tax policy by the government is bad for the business.

It is pertinent to mention here that from the start of the year 2018, the government has been increasing the prices of petrol for three consecutive months. It is expected that they will do it again for April 2018. Now if the government keep increasing the prices and the tanker association goes on strike, the consumers will suffer a lot. It will mean that there will be the shortage of oil supply countrywide.

All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractors Association (APPCCA) General Secretary Nauman Ali Butt said to media that the government favors NLC even though NLC does not pay NOC fees. Other contractors pay PKR 4 million for NOC, so it’s totally unfair.

Last time in January Oil Tanker Cartridge Association (OTCA) and  All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association decided to halt provision of services to the PSO due to the failure of reaching any consensus with PSO. PSO spokesperson informed the media that the oil tanker owners’ demands were unlawful and contrary to the interest of Pakistan as oil tankers association wants to cancel the licensee of NLC which is quite impossible.

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On the other hand, General Secretary All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractor Association (APPCCA) Nauman Ali Butt said “Besides not lining up for loading and unloading, the NLC is not paying the NOC fee of Rs4 million. The private oil tankers are paying Rs4 million for the NOC/guarantee while no such guarantee money is being charged from NLC. The guaranteed money is transferable and refundable.”

So the conflict between Oil Tankers Association and government authorities is still ongoing.