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Oil Tankers Association May Possibly Go on Strike Again

The Oil Tankers Owners and Contractors Association is expected to go on strike again from today, as per the reports of media.

The struggle between the Oil Tanker Owners and the concerned authorities is something old. As per the recent development, the Oil Tankers Contractors Association (OTCA) a few days back sent a letter to the ministry of petroleum asking them to address their reservations or otherwise the association would be going on a nationwide strike.

As per the available details, the Contractors Association mentioned in a letter that the government authorities favour the National Logistic Cell (NLC) over the entire association, which is not just. The unfavourable and obscure sales tax policy by the local governments is horrible for the business as asserted by the association.

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It is important to mention that the government has increased the petroleum product prices for three repeated times this year, which has caused greater number of troubles for the local commuters and now the tanker association are giving threats to go on strike and if they would do so, it would be causing more pain and trouble to the consumers are the supply of petrol would get shortened—which means the scarcity of the oil nationwide. The concerned authorities are trying to sort out the issue on an immediate basis so that the consumers may not face any more trouble.

Additionally, while speaking to the media the All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractors Association (APPCCA)—General Secretary Nauman Ali Butt also said that the authorities favour NLC a lot than necessary. NLC does not pay any NOC fee while the contractors have to pay Rupees four million for NOC.

OTCA also said that the oil marketing firms are not paying their sum of money which is affecting the business badly.

Moreover, it is important to mention that in January after failed dialogues between the Pakistan Stata Oil and the tanker associations, they halted providing service to PSO.

Tanker Associations stopped their services for PSO however, continued supplying and giving services to the other Oil firms.

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