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Oil Refineries Using Chemicals to Increase Petrol’s Quality

Honda Pakistan complained to OGRA last year that the local oil firms are making use of additives in gasoline for increasing its Research Octane Number (RON), which is resulting in causing a damage to its automobiles.

As per Honda, the firms are using manganese for increasing the RON of petrol. After a great deal of fuss, OGRA decided to take some action regarding the matter and to solve it. The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority and the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) conducted a series of tests on the petrol samples and now as per the laboratory tests it is evident that definitely oil refineries and importers are incorporating the use of chemicals in high quantities to increase the quality of otherwise a low-quality petroleum product—which is not only dangerous for the vehicles but also poses great risks for the humans too.

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As per a local news channel, both the authorities OGRA and HDIP collected the samples of locally produced petrol and the samples of petrol that is imported and once the tests were conducted chemicals have been found used for increasing the quality of RON for saving the cost.

It is important to mention that Honda made a claim that because of the poor quality of fuel it had to stop the production of its 1.5 litre Honda Civic Turbo.

The lab tests indicated by the two authorities indicated that high content of additives like Ferrocene and MMT is used to acquire the desired RON 90 and 92 specifications. These additives were gathered in the engine components and could cause damage to the engine and to the vehicle emission system along with damage to the spark plugs and fuel injectors.

It is now to see that how Honda and other oil marketing firms would react to these results of the tests and whether the authorities would interfere and punish the ones who are found to be involved in this.

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