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Oil Companies Respond to Honda Pakistan Accusations

One news appears that petrol prices have increased and then another circulates that oil companies are adding additive “manganese” in the petroleum. Who is suffering the most? It’s the consumers, the general public and they have the right to know the reality behind Honda’s accusations on oil companies adding manganese in petroleum.

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We heard one side of the story, now its time to hear what the other side has to say about the claims and accusations put on them.

PSO spokesperson said that the “company’s products fully adhere to official terms laid out by the Ministry of Energy”. He further said that all products are first tested and then launched in the market. If any product is not up to the standard it is returned to PSO.

Head of Pakistan’s Oil Companies Advisory Council, Ilyas Fazil said that “other refineries are producing 90 Research Octane Number (RON), which is slightly lower than 92 i.e.pure 92 RON that is being imported.”

Shell spokesperson said, “Shell retail fuels comply with the MPNR Rules of April 2016 for local fuel specifications in Pakistan that do not specify any limit of manganese. All fuel imports are cleared by Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP), the government designated laboratory that is responsible for ensuring fuel import quality. Shell has also been advocating for stricter specifications for fuels, and we welcome any discussion on the matter with relevant authorities and OEMs.”

Other car importers like Audi and Porsche Pakistan believes that this issue should not be taken lightly. All necessary investigation should be done on it.

Manganese is an additive added to petroleum products to make petrol appear as of high quality but it not just dangerous for our environment and human health it also decreases the economy of fuel. Honda Motors Company Pakistan subsidiary, Honda Atlas filed this complaint against Oil companies and OGRA spokesperson has said that they will investigate the issue.