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OGRA to Suspend Licenses of These Oil Companies

Most of us are aware of the Honda and oil companies’ dispute, currently going on. Honda filed a complaint against the oil companies for adding a large amount of manganese in petrol to increase its RON. Then the oil companies responded back to Honda and OGRA decided to conduct the quality check of POL products.

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The recent news is that OGRA might suspend licenses of oil companies that are selling bad petrol to the consumers. Along with suspending license OGRA will also charge those companies with a heavy penalty.

OGRA has received the report from the committee investigating this issue. The committee received gasoline samples from petrol pumps and then tested those samples by sending them to Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan. The purpose was to check whether the claim made by Honda was true or not. Now the final report has been given to OGRA and it will act as per the recommendation of the committee.

This whole situation cannot be taken lightly because the issue is not just limited to cars and their quality. Yes, manganese additive can harm engine quality of the car but more importantly, if excessive manganese is added in petrol it can cause the respiratory disease to humans and can damage the brain as well.

Now the names of the oil companies whose license might get suspended have not been made public yet but we will know soon.