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OGRA to Increase Gas Prices for the Industries


Earlier today, OGRA (Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority) has issued a notification for an increase in gas prices for the industries. Although, domestic consumers will not be subject to the new prices.

As per the notification issued by OGRA, the price of gas for the CNG sector has been increased by up to Rs.88 per MMBTU. The increase in prices for Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is Rs.88 whereas for Sindh and Balochistan it is Rs.67.

The price of gas for general industries has been increased by Rs.33 per MMBTU and for the export sector to Rs.66 per MMBTU, said the reports. According to OGRA, the gas price for the fertilizer sector has been increased by Rs.2 per MMBTU.

On the other hand, Gas for power stations has been increased by Rs.33. Likewise, gas for IPPs has also been increased to Rs.33 per MMBTU. The new gas prices have already been instigated from September 1st.

There are chances that the price of CNG, electricity, and fertilizer may also go up as after the increase in the prices of gas.

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