OGRA Teams to Visit Petrol Pumps Across Pakistan

petrol pumps

OGRA teams would be visiting the petrol pumps across Pakistan for ensuring that the fuel is being sold at the right price.

Petrol pumps that would be identified as the ones violating the government set prices would then be sealed.

Ghias Paracha, the Chairman of the CNG Association has said that OGRA has been unable to control the shortage of supply issues in the nation.

There is a conflict between the petrol pump owners and the government. The owners say that the petrol selling price set by the government is low and would lead them to suffer losses, as when they imported the petroleum products the prices were higher.

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But, after the reduction in fuel prices, a fuel shortage issue surfaced. OGRA says that there is no shortage of the commodity and that this shortage is being created artificially.

The OGRA teams would be checking up on the petrol pumps to ensure that the owners are selling the item at the government-set prices.

PM Khan asked for taking action against the ones creating artificial shortage of petroleum products in the nation. He instructed the authorities to ensure the regular supply of the fuel within 48 to 72 hours.

The cabinet observed that the petroleum division and the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) have legal permission to physically enter and inspect the storage facilities of the oil companies.

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