OGRA Suggests Rs.11.95 Surge in Petrol Prices


OGRA has suggested an increase of Rs.11.95 in the petrol prices in the country.

As per the shared details, this is OGRA’s second recommendation for a price hike this year.

It has forwarded a summary to the Petroleum Division recommending the increase of petroleum products from January 16. It has recommended an Rs11.95 increase in the price of petrol, a Rs.9.57 increase in the per litre price of high-speed diesel and an Rs8 increase in the price of light diesel and furnace oil.

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OGRA officials say by decreasing the petroleum levy, the government can make the minimum possible increase in the price of petroleum prices. The prime minister will make the final decision on whether to increase prices and the finance ministry will announce the new prices on January 15.

If the OGRA suggestion is approved, petrol will cost 117.95 per litre and diesel will go up to Rs119.81 per litre.

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