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Honda Complaint- OGRA Starts Quality Check of POL Products

Honda Pakistan issued a complaint against oil companies. The oil companies responded to the complaints. Now OGRA has taken Honda’s notice seriously and started quality check of POL products.

Honda issued the complaint that oil companies were adding manganese in fuel. In response, OGRA has asked Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP) to evaluate the fuel sample from all over Pakistan.

Randomly fuel samples were collected from different areas of Pakistan and now a third party will evaluate them. HDIP in Karachi is examining the samples and a report regarding it will come up within three days.

Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan claimed that high Manganese content is added in upgraded 92RON (Research Octane Number), which is causing three issues that are, catalyst blocking or chocking of the catalytic converter. Low octane fuel quality causing engine knock and adverse effects to human health. Also, Honda further informed that they suspended their recent variant 1.5 Turbo VTEC car because of the low-quality fuel supplied by oil companies.

Oil companies did respond to this accusation

PSO spokesperson said that the “company’s products fully adhere to official terms laid out by the Ministry of Energy”.

Head of Pakistan’s Oil Companies Advisory Council, Ilyas Fazil said that “other refineries are producing 90 Research Octane Number (RON), which is slightly lower than 92 i.e.pure 92 RON that is being imported.”

Shell spokesperson said, “Shell retail fuels comply with the MPNR Rules of April 2016 for local fuel specifications in Pakistan that do not specify any limit of manganese. All fuel imports are cleared by Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP), the government designated laboratory that is responsible for ensuring fuel import quality. Shell has also been advocating for stricter specifications for fuels, and we welcome any discussion on the matter with relevant authorities and OEMs.”

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OCAC claimed that Honda Civic 1.5 l VTEC Turbo model is incompatible with the fuel available in Pakistan as it is a Euro-4 vehicle and Sulphur levels are currently not appropriate for this emission standard.

Now, who is right and who is wrong we will know soon, but it seems that this controversy between Honda and oil companies has just begun.