OGRA Advises to Increase Petrol Prices in December


Earlier today, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Company (OGRA) has recommended the petroleum division to increase the petrol prices in December. Moreover, the company has also sent a summary with higher prices to the division.

According to the details, OGRA advises raising the petrol prices from Rs.2.55 per liter from December 1. It further added that High-speed diesel should be increased by Rs.2.70.

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Before these new prices come into effect, they will have to be approved by our beloved Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Furthermore, the Finance Ministry will announce the new prices on November 30. It can also decide to keep prices at the rate they are presently at.

Fuel prices in Pakistan are changed every fifteen days. OGRA sends the government a commendation, later on, the government chooses whether it wants to increase the prices, lower them or keep them at the same rate. In October, the government decided to decrease petrol prices by Rs1.57.

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