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OGDCL Begins Shale Gas Drilling in Hyderabad

shale gas drilling

OGDCL has made the announcement that it has commenced the drilling work for the first shale gas well, KUC-01 in Hyderabad from the 14th of December 2019.

As per the press release the government managed firm has planned to drill the KUC-1 well in two phases.

As per plans the first well would be drilled in a vertical section and frac operations would be done after the evaluation of the reservoir. Based on the result of the evaluation of the reservoir and the frac job, further technical evaluations would be conducted. It would then enter the second phase which would include drilling a horizontal well section and further frac operations, as informed by the company.

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The statement said that this would be the first well drilled for exploring the unconventional shale gas and the approximated chance of success—COS for the commercial hydrocarbon production is nearly 10percent. OGDCL has got the complete ownership of the well.

KUC-01 is a major shale gas project and one of its major objectives is to gather as much information as possible on the prospects of shale gas and to ascertain the possibilities of shale gas development in Pakistan.

A study completed in 2015 in cooperation with the USAID gave confirmation about the presence of the huge shale gas and oil reserves in the country.

As per the latest development, the US Ambassador has said that he considers the Fulbright program as one of the most prestigious academic program.

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