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Official Statement of Hum TV About the Award Show Controversy

Hum TV has given its official statement regarding the award show controversy. The controversy was about the celebrity stars flying out of the country two days prior to the election day for the 6th Hum Awards.

Celebrities like Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Yasir Hussain, Ahmed Ali Butt and many more are presently in Toronto for the awards show. Many people were angry over the celebrities preferring to travel for the award function over casting votes which is their civil duty.

The local channel tweeted that it is super proud of always being the country’s biggest entertainment broadcasting network.

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Talking about the recent controversy, the statement said that the Hum Awards date was decided at least six months in advance as the event needs a lot of pre-planning and preparation. Additionally, since many resources are associated and booked for the event it is impossible to change the awards date.

Yasir Hussain and Ahmed Ali Butt tried defending the showbiz community, saying that they had no other option but to fly for the award function. Celebrity stars including Bilal Khan and Vasay Chaudhry flew back to Pakistan for giving their votes. Hum Tv stated that only a few celebs were requested to flow to Canada for rehearsals of the performances at the show.

It is important to mention that many of the participating artists in the awards first cast their votes later they flew abroad for the Awards function.

Earlier, Imran Abbas and Farhan Saeed showed their disappointment with the showbiz fraternity over preferring the awards show over casting votes.

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