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Official Name for New Islamabad Airport Finalized


The Federal Cabinet has given approval for the official name of the new Islamabad Airport.

Since the past few years, the new International Islamabad Airport project has been under the spotlight because of it experiencing constant delays and the infrequency of the development work.

The project authorities have many times highlighted the incompetence of involved parties in the constructing of the airport.

The New Islamabad International Airport has already consumed a lot of rupees, in fact, more than the initial estimates for the project. The new airport is yet to be officially inaugurated. The only thing that is known with certainty about this project is the name of the new airport.

The Federal Cabinet has given a green signal for the name of the new Islamabad Airport in a meeting that was held at the Prime Minister office. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi—Prime Minister chaired the meeting where the name was finalized. The airport would officially be called “Islamabad International Airport”.

Keeping in mind the number of missed deadlines and delays, it could not be said with surety that when the new airport would commence its operation. It is said that the Prime Minister would be inaugurating the airport somewhere between 15th to 20th April 2018.

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Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has also released a NOTAM making an announcement about the airport’s operation date. As per the NOTAM issued by the CAA, Islamabad International Airport would commence its operations from the 16th of April.

If the construction work and linking roads might not experience any more delays, then there are strong chances that the airport might become functional in just about six weeks’ time.

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