Offices, Hotels and Wedding Halls to Remain Closed for PSL3 Final on 25th March – Research Snipers

Offices, Hotels and Wedding Halls to Remain Closed for PSL3 Final on 25th March

As per a notification released by the Bahadurabad Police Station, under the dominion of Gulshan East-Division all the wedding halls, offices and hotels on the Shahra-e-Faisal and Karsaz Road would remain closed for twenty-four hours—starting from 25th March at 6 am to 26th March 6 am.

All the commercial activities would remain suspended on the two main accesses that lead to the National Stadium in Karachi, where the final match of the Pakistan Super League’s third edition is to be played—which is scheduled on the 25th of March.

The preparations for the final match are in full blow in the city of Karachi. It is also important to mention that because of the match many international players would also be coming to Karachi hence the security agencies have finalized a plan for their safe arrival and stay within the city.

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The Airport Security Force (ASF) has been instructed to ensure that internal and external boundaries of the Jinnah International Airport are secure. Screening of the luggage, random searches and monitoring the surrounding areas would all be a part of the enhanced security arrangements.

Security plan for the actual match day has also been drafted with strict and extensive police patrolling at all the guest routes and even within the premises of the stadium. Clearance would be needed for all the sensitive zones and the unconcerned cars or vehicles would be moved from around the area.

The players would be transported in bullet proof buses while a signal free corridor would be set up for providing safe transportation.

The four areas that are surrounding the airport, the place where the players would be residing and the stadium all would be regulated during the Pakistan Super League Third edition final. A security commander of the SSP rank would also be supervising each area.

A communication desk has also been set up at the guest rooms for the benefit of the players.

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