NVIDIA witnessed record Accelerated adoption for T4 GPU


NVIDIA has announced yesterday the record adoption of the new NVIDIA T4 GPU which is a multi-precision Tensor Core GPU for diverse workloads, it is now available on Google Cloud with fifty plus server designs from major computer manufacturers.

It’s been only two months since NVIDIA launched T4, the GPU is featured in 57 separate server designs from the leading computer manufacturers around the world. The T4 is also available in the cloud with first availability for Google cloud platform.

The president and general manage Accelerated computing at NVIDIA Ian Buck said, “We have never seen such a fast adoption of datacenter processor before, within just two months the T4 is now available in cloud supported by worldwide network of server manufacturers, T4 now provides the exactly what is needed to improve efficiency and performance in public and private clouds and handle intensive workloads at scale.”

According to NVIDIA, the T4 handles diverse and intensive workloads on clouds, improve performance and efficiency in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, data analytics, and graphics.

“The Real-time visualization and online inference workloads require low latency for users. We are happy to partner with NVIDIA to offer T4 GPU support for Google Cloud customers,” said Damion Heredia, senior director of Product Management at Google Cloud.

“NVIDIA T4 GPUs for Google Cloud offers a highly scalable, cost-effective, low-latency platform for our ML and visualization customers. Google Cloud’s network capabilities together with the T4 offering enable customers to innovate in new ways, speeding up applications while reducing costs.”