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NUTECH to Have A New Campus


The planning commission has given approval for the establishment of a new campus of National University of Technology—NUTECH costing around Rs.2,851 million in the city for meeting the shortage of the applied engineers and workforce in Pakistan.

As per the available documents, the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform has given approval to the HEC sponsored project for the formation of the new campus of NUTECH at Sector I-12, IJP road in Islamabad.

According to the documents, the total cost of the project would be Rs.2,851 million while it would reach completion in 3 years.

The project was made a part of the PSDP—HEC 2019-20 with the caption of “Establishment of New Campus of National University of Technology (NUTECH).”

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Officials informed that the HEC sponsored project would be executed by the National University of Technology, Islamabad.

They also said that in comparison to the developed world the education standards in Pakistan are generalised and conventional. For the industrial development, need is there to shift on to education in the realm of technologies, development, creation and implementation.

The working paper for the project carrying details and underlining the issues of the sector mentioned that there is low enrolment in higher education in compared to the region and the workforce in Pakistan which is far below than the average of the developed countries.

It also said that there is a low investment in research and development by the public as well as by the private sectors and also a deficiency of qualified PhD faculty.

The project brief added that the suggested new campus would surge the production of a substantial number of quality graduate applied engineers, high-end skilled workers and professionals in a variety of engineering fields for meeting the national demands of self-reliance and industrial progress.

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