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NUST Won First Prize In Global IEEE Computer Challenge 2017

Talented students from NUST, Ibrahim Ali Shah, and Muhammad Asad Raza won the first prize for their work on Diagnosis, Monitoring and Rehabilitation of Parkinson’s Disease using Machine Learning and Big Data. The students are from EME, branch of National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST).

Abrahim Shah, student of Mechatronics department, was awarded the first prize in IEEE Global Student Challenge at the…

Posted by NUST on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A competition was held called IEEE Computer Society Global Student Challenge. The second position was held by Penn State USA and the third position was held by the University of Houston.

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The competition that was open for all IEEE Computer Society student members was held with an aim to bring new innovative projects and share exciting work with each. The project would provide a solution to practical issues like Machine Learning and IOT.
NUST being the winner was invited to the annual banquet of IEEE Computer Society to receive the award. It was held in Hyatt Regency Phoenix, Arizona. All the money expenditure was covered by IEEE Computer Society which included a round trip to the USA. The winners from NUST were given 1500 dollars and a certificate as a token of gratitude.