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November 16 – Let us Celebrate International Day for Tolerance


Today, November 16th is the International Day for Tolerance. United Nations annually observes this day aims to educate the people about the need to be more tolerant in society. Also, the day helps them understand the negative effects of intolerance.

International Tolerance Day is the day in which people reflect on the positive impacts of tolerance. The day when they try to respect and recognize the rights, needs and beliefs of others.

Different debates and discussions are held on this day globally on topics focusing on different forms of injustice, oppression, racism, and discrimination.

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Teachers and professors use the theme of the day to teach their students about human rights, importance of tolerance and non-violence. Similarly, human rights activists use the day to speak out on human rights law that includes punishing hate crimes and discrimination against minorities.

It was back in 1996 when the UN General Assembly invited the UN Member States to observe the International Day for Tolerance on 1996. It is pertinent to mention here that from 1990 to 1994 the UN witnessed its worst time with genocide in Rwanda, failures in Bosnia and Somalia, thus it was essential to consolidate and rethink the foundation of the UN that focuses on tolerance and peace.

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