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Non-Smokers Getting 6 Extra Paid Leaves in Compensation at a Japanese Company

A Japanese company is offering six extra days paid leave to its non-smoking employees per year. This initiative was taken in response to the non-smoking employees complain that they work more than the employees who smoke cigarettes on work as they take time off many times on cigarette breaks.

Piala Inc. a Tokyo based company took this measure in September for non-smokers, but employees were much faster in taking the benefits of this perk.

Hirotaka Matsushima a spokesperson for the firm said that they received the complaint by a non-smoking employee in the company suggestion box earlier this year that smoking breaks were creating serious problems.

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Mr. Matsushima further said that the CEO of the company upon seeing the complaint completely agreed to it and, so it was decided to give extra time off to the non-smokers in compensation.

Ill feelings among the non-smokers were growing as anybody wishing to smoke a cigarette had to go down to the basement level from the twenty-ninth floor (floor where the company’s head office is situated), this takes time and the smoking break would extend to about fifteen minutes or so.

Takao Asuka—CEO Piala Inc said that he believes in encouraging the smokers to quit smoking by offering incentives rather than putting penalties or charges against them.

Mr. Matsushima informed that till now thirty out of the one hundred and twenty employees of the company have taken off availing this newly introduced perk.

He added that this arrangement encouraged four people to even quit smoking.

As per the data of World Health Organization, 21.7% of adult Japanese are smokers, majorly males and older generation contribute more to this percentage.

Japanese firms are making serious efforts to protect their employees from passive smoking. Lawson Inc. an operator of twenty-four-hour convenience stores, banned smoking in its head and regional offices in June.

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