Nokia plans to revolutionize 5G through network slicing

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With the arrival of 5G, the landscape of telecommunication has revolutionized. However, there are still chances and possibilities for further advancements in this sector. In this perspective, Nokia has unveiled a new feature that would enable Android users to use network slices on their devices.

What is network slicing?

Network slicing is the idea of breaking up a physical network infrastructure into several virtual networks to enable specialized and optimized services for various purposes. For instance, one 5G network slice may provide enhanced network functionality and decreased latency for fans of cloud gaming, while a different one may allow viewers of live sporting events to watch video replays and real-time statistics. Furthermore, network slicing would considerably lessen network congestion, a problem that public networks frequently experience.

Well, it might give the impression of an expensive and time-consuming feature. In order to build new revenue streams and a viable business model, Nokia has developed a monetization plan. It implies that cellular service providers will make these specialized 5G network slices available to users in particular geographic areas.

One thing to notice here is that Nokia is the first and foremost company that has introduced network slicing. Previously, various companies like Qualcomm, Oppo, and Ericsson have already tested 5G network slicing on commercially available smartphones. In this way, the foundation for wider adoption of this tech was laid out.

Debuting with Android 14

In Finland, Nokia’s on-demand network slicing technology was first tested, and the results showed that all 4G and 5G devices worked without a hitch. The business intends to deliver the feature alongside Android 14 so that users can benefit from substantially better speeds and dependability.

Ari Kynäslahti, Head of Strategy and Technology at Nokia Mobile Networks, stated, In order to promote new monetization options for our operator partners, we are taking another step forward. Slicing gives cell operators access to new 5G commercial opportunities that will enable them to offer premium services and improve user experiences.