Nokia 8 Bothies Feature: Take Picture From Front And Rear Camera Simultaneously

Nokia 8 has come up with a new feature called “Dual-Sight” or “Bothies” that allow users to take pictures both from the front and rear camera simultaneously.

Now what happens is that a split screen view appears as the users take pictures from both front and rear camera together. The image is called Bothies by Nokia that is a Selfie that has both sides.

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Nokia said, “There are two sides to every story and the Dual-Sight feature of Nokia 8 is designed to help you create and share the full picture.” A slogan has been created for this feature as well, that is “Be less Selfie, be more Bothie.”

Other than this feature, the phone has conventional qualities like effective chipset, strong display, dual camera and more on.

A Live Option is available on the phone that enables users to post Bothies directly to Apps they want to from the camera.

Fingerprint scanner, shooting of 4K high-quality videos with the aid of OZO high-dynamic range audio recording, front camera 13MP, 5.3-inch display screen, a memory of 4GB, Snapdragon 835 processor and pixel density of 559 are all salient features of the new Nokia 8.

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