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No Taraweeh Prayers in Saudi Arabia This Ramazan

Taraweeh prayers

Saudi Arabia has announced to suspend the Taraweeh prayers this Ramazan, the Taraweeh prayers would be offered at home as the suspension of prayers at the mosques directive will not be lifted until the coronavirus threats eradicate, as per reports.

The newspaper cited Dr Abdullaj Latif Al-Sheikh, the Minister of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia as saying that the suspension of the five times obligatory prayers in the mosques is more significant than the suspension of the Taraweeh prayers.

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He also said that they ask for the acceptance of Taraweeh prayers by Allah Almighty whether they are held at the mosques or at home. He also prayed for the safety and protection of the entire world from the global pandemic coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia on the 19th of March banned its citizens from having the 5 daily prayers and the Friday prayer inside the mosques as part of the efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

It is apparent that the coronavirus epidemic has affected all walks of life. Every aspect of life is affected may it be social, or economical or religious. The world has solidified in order to curb and eradicate this deadly virus that has caused distress to many and has also claimed many lives.

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