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No Surge in the Car Registration Taxes; Says FBR

On Tuesday, the Federal Board of Revenue—FBR strongly denied the perception that car registration taxes have been changed in the Financial Budget-2019.

After verification, it was found that the misperception was owing to a typographical error which was later corrected in the Finance Act-2019, as per a press release by FBR.

The press release mentioned that the rate of tax for the token payment and the registration of cars was the same as was being charged the former year and that there was no increment or reduction in the tax rate.

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FBR further informed that no tax had been imposed on private cars depending on their seating capacity.

But the people who have not filed for the tax returns would have to pay double tax than the people who are on the Active Taxpayer List—ATL.

Any person who thinks and considers that he is not eligible for paying taxes could inform FBR before and they would be considered for exemption from this double tax.

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