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No Record Heatwave to Hit This year, Met Office

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The Met Office of Pakistan has canceled the possibility of a record heatwave in the nation this year. The Meteorological Department said that they have got enough scientific proof to support their claim.

Reports were surfacing that after the record winter rains for the present year, this year would be the warmest since 2015 in Pakistan. The Met Department thinks that it may not be correct.

Abdur Rasheed—the Chief of Karachi Met Office said that it is early to say that the present year would be the warmest of the country as at the moment no such date is available.

He did add that the current year might be as warm as the earlier 4 years.

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He further added that there is a consensus that this year would be hot as the past 4 years, however, he said that they are not anticipating any extraordinary heatwaves in 2019.

It is pertinent to mention that in 2015 the heatwave was so bad that it took the lives of 2000 people in Karachi. The worst summers in the city’s history encouraged the Met Office to build a heatwave warning system that could alert people of the possible heatwaves in advance.

Ghulam Rasool—the ex-Chief of the Met Office said that they could not rule out the likelihood of a deadly heatwave in Karachi during the months of May and June this year. He said this because of the urban heat island effect, reducing the vegetation and the construction of unplanned concrete structures in the city.

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