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“No Petrol if No Helmet” Drive Launched in Rawalpindi

no petrol if no helmet

A joint campaign by the district government and the city traffic police is launched called the no petrol if no helmet drive. The campaign is being launched for providing a safeguard to the motorcyclists from deadly injuries in case of any road accidents or mishap.

A notification has also been issued in this regard by the Additional Deputy Commissioner (General) Dr Umer Jahangir on Saturday, directing the petrol pump fillers or owners to not sell petrol to the motorcyclists who are traveling without wearing helmets.

As per the notification, all the petrol pump owners of the city are to be instructed in writing to make sure that the fuel is not sold to any motorcyclist traveling without a helmet until further notice is issued.

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As per a conducted survey, the drive has given rise to a mixed reaction from the staff at the different petrol pumps of the city. Some of the employees have asked the people to wear helmets if they wanted to buy fuel however, they did not refuse to fill the tanks of the motorcyclists visiting them to get the petrol.

One employee at a petrol pump told that they are asking the motorcyclist to wear helmets, while one other employee at another petrol pump said that they do not even care to ask the bike riders to wear helmets as they do not consider the drive to be reasonable enough.

The drive has as per reports failed to catch up with the petrol pump owners who claim that they would start making the fuel consumers aware of the drive from this week.

A petrol pump owner said that although we have decided to implement the drive from Monday during a meeting with the district administration officials, however, we would be working towards an awareness drive throughout the week.

He also said that banners and posters would also be put up at the petrol pumps regarding the significance of wearing helmets and the ban imposed by the district government and the city traffic police.

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