No Pension for the New Hirings in KP Universities

KP Universities

The Higher Education, Archives, and Libraries Department has shared a notification to the government universities asking to impose no pension liability for all the future hirings, alongside the adaptation of other strict measures to overcome the increasing deficit.

As per the shared details, the department also directed delinking of the pay scales from the basic pay scale scheme and university pay scale.

The notification further added that government grant and other resources meant for higher education shall not to be expended on meeting the shortfall of the schools run by the universities and these schools should have separate Board of Governors (BoG).

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Moreover house subsidy and requisition should be paid to the employees on the provincial government rates.

All the medical allowances in their present form have been abolished and shall be paid at the provincial government rates, says the notification, adding that the maintenance cost including repair, security, and other facilities’ cost should be fully recovered from the employees provided with accommodation by the universities.

“The universities will be guided in the process of exploring new avenues of financial resources including renting out academic blocks to other institutions,” says the notification.

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