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No New Passports for Applicants Having CNIC Photos in Blue Background

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A large count of people who have applied for the passports returned empty-handed from the passport offices as they were informed that they could not get the new passports as their CNICs have got photographs in the blue background which are no more valid for the making of the essential document required for travelling abroad.

These applicants were informed that they have to apply for the new Computerized National Identity Cards having photos in white background.

This important information is being told to the applicants on a case-to-case basis. No public announcement has been made about this change.

A large number of people were unaware of this change and still have got CNICs having photographs in blue backgrounds. All such people received a shock when they heard this news as they have to go through the entire of hassle of getting new CNICs again.

NADRA—the National Database Registration Authority and the Directorate of passports and immigration gave contradictory versions and there is an utmost need for the authorities to interfere in the matter for the facilitation of public.

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An official said that there is some problem in the NADRA’s database which sometimes does not verify the CNICs having photographs in blue background.

He also added that they request and suggest people to get such CNICs which have got photographs with a white background if they want their passport applications to get processed.

He further said that the matter has been brought into the notice of authorities for resolving the issue once and for all.

The computerised NICs were introduced in the 2000s by the government via NADRA which needed an applicant to have a photograph in blue background. This condition of the blue background was changed some years back and the condition of the needed background was changed to a white one.

NADRA officials have shown surprise over the claims of the passport authorities and have ruled out the possibility of having any flaw in their system.

In mid of the claims of the Directorate of Passport and Immigration and NADRA, the passport applicants having CNICs with blue background photographs are facing difficulty in getting the key document.

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