No Muslim Nation in Top 10 Halal Food Traders

top 10 halal food traders

Halal food is let me say the speciality of Muslim countries. It is the food that is made and preserved keeping the Islamic laws in mind. However, surprisingly no Muslim country is in the list of top 10 halal food traders. Normally, it is considered that this food is traded throughout the world by Muslim nations, but sadly this is not the case.

There is not a single Muslim nation in the first 10 nations on the list of top halal food traders.

Pakistan is the second largest Muslim nation in terms of population, it is also lagging behind in this race, as it only makes 0.25 per cent in the complete halal food trade of $3 trillion, which is almost insignificant.

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)—the biggest organisation of Pakistani traders, keeping the low contribution of Pakistan in the halal food business in mind held an event at a local hotel of Karachi for seeking potential opportunities for the traders and businessmen.

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The professionals in the event said that there was indeed a great potential in the country when it comes to the trade of halal food items.

They searched for the negligence of government which was leading to great losses not just to the traders but to the industry too, in terms of financial resources. One recommendation during the event was regarding the formation of a Pakistan Halal Development Authority (PHDA) that could indicate obstructions in the way of raising the halal food trade.

Pakistan is one such nation that comprises of ninety-eight per cent Muslims, the idea of Halal food trade requires acknowledgement, they suggested forcing the finance minister to focus on this industry as it has got the immense potential of producing billions of dollars for the economy.

At the event diplomats of different nations which includes Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Thailand and Iran were present.

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