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No More Tax for the Postpaid Mobile Phone Users

postpaid mobile phone users

As per reports, the postpaid mobile phone users would not be needed to pay their government induced taxes anymore.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan had previously taken notice of the high mobile taxes being charged to the consumers on reloading cards. The Pakistani users were paying as much as forty-two per cent in taxes on a card reload of hundred rupees, they were getting a load of just 61.93 rupees. The taxes included 17.5-18.5 per cent of the General Sales Tax and 12.5 per cent of the Withholding Tax and ten per cent of service charges were also being taken by the operating company itself.

After the notice was taken by the apex court, taxes were removed immediately, and the mobile users started getting full prepaid card credits. The offer, however, came only for the prepaid users and the postpaid users were devoid of it and continued to pay taxes on the billed amount.

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Now, the postpaid users on Ufone network started getting a text message mentioning that all of the taxes for the postpay customers have also been removed since the 16th of October.

The other mobile phone operators are expected to do the same in coming days.

Owing to the cancellation of taxes, the Federal Government is losing nearly one hundred and twenty million rupees of revenue on a per day basis. It’s not just that the provincial governments were also losing nearly one hundred and sixty million rupees per day owing to the suspension of GST.

Everyone has to wait now to see what the authorities decide as in how the telecom sector would be charged for paying taxes in the most viable way.

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