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No More Aeronautical Charges on Local Routes

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Shahrukh Nusrat—the Secretary Aviation and Chairman Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) informed on Saturday that passengers would no more be needed to pay the aeronautical charges on local routes, hence they would have to pay Rs1,000 less than the present charges.

While conversing with media following a meeting with the leading figures of the chartered airlines the CAA headquarters said that the comprehensive discussion was organized with the stakeholders on the aviation policy.

He said that queries of the heads of the chartered airlines were addressed during the meeting.

Secretary aviation said that the cost of doing business had been decreased from the earlier aviation policy. He further added that operators had been provided relief of Rs4billion.

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He said that the regional licence and tourism promotion has been introduced.

He further said that nearly 3.8million people on a yearly basis travel via the aircraft in Pakistan. he said that modern technologies would also be introduced for cargo services.

On the 17th of April, the Civil Aviation Authority had formulated a plan to implement the Road to Makkah project for the Hajj operations 2019.

The CAA had formed feasibility reports for the departure of the Hajj pilgrims and the facilities are being provided to them.

Data of 150 officers and staff had been gathered for assisting the pilgrims at the Jinnah International Airport of Karachi.

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