No Mobile Phone & Internet Service on Friday in Sindh – Research Snipers

No Mobile Phone & Internet Service on Friday in Sindh

On the occasion of Chehlum for Hazrat Imam Hussain on Friday10th, November 2017 mobile phone services and internet services will be suspended.

In order to ensure tight security during the occasions like Muharram and Chehlum, such measures are taken. It is to make sure that peace is kept in the country. Many activities are held during Chehlum like Majalis, Waaz, and Processions.

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Sindh Police Department has issued the notice of closing down mobile and internet services on Friday. All police zones in Karachi have been sent the notice via Inspector General of Police.

The notice says ‘In view of operation against ongoing terrorist activities throughout the country and threat perception on the occasion of Chehlum it is recommended that the signals of mobile phones as well as the internet may please be jammed on 10-11-2017 in Karachi from 1000 to 2200 hours.

Also, pillion riding may also be banned on Friday but no government authority has yet confirmed this.