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No Load Shedding in Pakistan till December 2018 – Miftah Ismail

Former Finance Minister Miftah Ismail claims that there will be no load-shedding in Pakistan in next 7 months on the basis of the liquidity crisis. This means that from June to December there will no load-shedding in the country.

Ismail said that the cash flow situation in the power industry of Pakistan is quite stable. The circular debt is of Rs 397 billion. Rs 50 billion will be borrowed by Power Holding Private Limited (GHPL) to control circular debt. Economic Coordination Committee has given permission to borrow money.

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Ismail claims that the present debt condition in power sector is controllable. If the debt amount increases to over Rs 400 billion then problems might occur and Pakistan can face power shortage and outages.

As per Ismail GHPL will arrange Rs 50 billion before Eid-ul-Fitr. If it goes as planned the system will continue to function smoothly for next 7 months until December 2018. Furthermore, Rs 15 billion subsidy is expected which will further help the power sector of the country.

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As per a power division official, the finance ministry is finalizing a deal to borrow Rs 50 billion. As per the official in the first phase, the government released Rs 80 billion. Rs 53 billion out of 80 billion was paid to the independent power plants, Pakistan State Oil, and nuclear power plants. The remaining Rs 27 billion were released for banks for debt servicing borrowed by the power sector.

Former minister believes that the present shortfall of 3000MW is due to water shortage in dams of Pakistan.

4 thoughts on “No Load Shedding in Pakistan till December 2018 – Miftah Ismail

  1. Ask Miftah what the hell we are facing now? Isn’t that load shedding? or you have named it differently like power cut?

    Islamabad and Rawalpindi commercial and residential all the places are in the hell of terrible load shedding.

    1. Its called Load Management by them which means that there is no Loadshedding but there is Load Management.

  2. In 2013, Electricity production was maximum 18000MW. In 2018, the electricity production is 28000MW but still loadshedding is happening, Because: Economy has grown which has resulted in the higher demand. But this do not justify Loadshedding.
    The technical point is that: Jb ap ek extension ya elextricity board peh Fridge,Istari ya AC ya kuch b heavy lga detag hein toh agar woh Board ya extension load bardasht nhi karta toh woh jall jaye ga.
    The same is the case now: Electricity demand kay kay hisab se hai,lekin jo distribution lines hein,unki capability nhi hai kay woh bijli ka itna load bardasht kar sakein. Eventually System kbud ko bacahane kay kay liye trip kar jata hai.
    Wapda Needs to change those diatribution lines.
    Inhi lines peh pehle 14000MW bijli guzarti thi,aur eb 28000 guzar rhi hai. Yeh load bardasht ni karti. They need to be upgraded.
    No Doubt PMLN is responsible for this negligence.
    But apart from this negligence i have to say that they have worked very well. In their tenure loadshedding is 1-2 hours. Whereas before 2013 the loadshedding was 14-18hours.
    Apart from criticism we nees to appreciate that.

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