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No Indian Flag Displayed on Burj Khalifa on Its Independence Day

Burj Khalifa

The national flag of India was not displayed on Burj Khalifa—the tallest building of the world on its Independence Day owing to some major technical hitch, as per the reports of Khaleej Times on Thursday.

The United Arab Emirates iconic tower is popular for displaying national flags of its friendly nations on important events for exhibiting union and association.

Air India displays the national flag…..

Navdeep Singh Suri—the Indian Ambassador to UAE said that they have just learned from their friends in Emaar that on the occasion of a major technical glitch they would not be able to light up Burj Khalifa with the Indian tricolor tonight.

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He also added that it is a bit of disappointment for friends who were anticipating this.

The flag of Pakistan was also not displayed on the Burj Khalifa on the 14th of August.

On the 23rd of March, the world’s tallest building lit up with the colors of the Pakistani national flag for marking the celebrations of the Pakistan Day.

The spectacular display was done during 2-time slots for the United Arab Emirates residents for their amusement and admiration.

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