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No Headscarf Condition for Malala, if She Wants to Teach


A Canadian minister has said that it would be an honour if Malala Yousafzai wants to teach in Quebec but to do so, she would have to remove her headscarf.

As per the Montreal Gazette, the Education Minister of Quebec—Jean-Francois Roberge tweeted that in other tolerant and open nations teachers are not permitted to wear religious symbols while performing their duties. He indicated that this was the reason they met in France for discussing education for the upcoming G7 in the month of August.

Malala has never given any hints or whatsoever that she wants to teach in Quebec, or even in Canada.

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The tweet of Roberge was a response to a question asked by a reporter. The reporter asked the Canadian minister how he would take it if Malala Yousafzai wanted to become a teacher in Quebec.

The question was asked after Roberge posted a picture of Malala and himself.

The minister experienced severe backlash on Twitter for his reply. Many people commented that since Malala stood up to the Taliban, she was not of the type to take dictation from Roberge either.

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