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No Functional Fire Exits at Karachi Airport

While the world is becoming more and more tech advanced, airports around the world are  equipped with world-class facilities, Pakistan is nowhere near them. Furthermore, the facilities available at the airport are often misused due to the hasty attitude of the staff and travelers.

Usually airports have safety plans for emergencies but this is not the case in Pakistan. The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is one of the busiest airport in Pakistan. But the fire exits in the country are usually closed.

In case there is an emergency the passengers would have to find somebody from the staff to unlock the  doors  which ends the whole point of having exits.

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The aim of emergency doors is to provide easy access to the people that are trapped inside. But this is not the case at the Jinnah International Airport. The only option left for the passengers in case of an emergency is to make way out via the main entry and exit points.

A video circulated on social media of a private channel’s tour of the airport which revealed that there is no emergency exit that is operational in the airport. One of the reason for it is the attitude of Pakistani people as if they find an easy way out even if it is an emergency exit they start to use it.

It is important that these exits are guarded and used in case of emergencies because in such cases many lives can be saved due to them. Thus CAA need to have a look at this issue.