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No Formal Request Received to Open Schools; Says Education Ministry

Education Ministry

Wajiha Akram, the parliamentary secretary for the federal ministry of education says that no formal request has been received yet for the opening of the educational institutes from August 15.

She said that any decision that would be taken about the reopening of the educational institutions would be done after taking the consent of all the stakeholders.

She responded to the All Pakistan Private Schools Federation President Kashif Mirza, who was asking for the reopening of the schools.

He said that he wants the educational institutes to be reopened with all the SOPs from the 15th of August but the federal education minister Shafqat Mahmood had made the announcement of reopening them from the 15th of September if the COVID-19 does not get worse.

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Kashif Mirza complained about the losses that the schools are experiencing owing to the months’ closure. He is of the belief that the restoration of their operations would also be restoring the employment of many of the teachers.

Wajiha Akram remarked that the private schools association might have been raising their demands, however, they have not submitted an official request to the education ministry.

Kashif Mirza when was asked about the matter he said that they had many times asked the authorities to reopen the educational institutions.

The parliamentary secretary said that they would not be placing the lives of the people in danger in any case and it would be allowing the educational institutions to reopen if the COVID-19 situation in the nation gets under control.

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