No ‘E’ Form for Exporters with a Consignment of $5,000

SBP recently relaxed small-sized eCommerce businesses by skipping the submission of ‘E’ form when they export goods valued up to $5,000.


To facilitate exporters, SBP developed a new framework where B2C eCommerce exports from Pakistan could skip the submission of ‘Export’ (E) Form. This facility is available only for those exporting goods with a value of up to $5,000.

This will help small ventures who are exporting goods in small quantities and add up to the economy of the country.

In recent times the eCommerce industry flourished so well that no startups started joining the industry. They are not only helping their own finances but helping the overall economy of the country.

It was also highlighted that earlier, exporters were required to full long forms which were time-taking task. This new reform by the SBP is going to help exporters.

If the amount of the consignment is above $5,000, the ‘E’ form would be required. The details regarding the ‘E’ form could be read at SBP’s website.

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