No Crowds as iPhone 11 of Apple Launches In-Stores

iPhone 11

Latest iPhone, iPhone 11 of Apple has hit the stores in China on Friday, but no crowds were observed in the shops in contrast to the hundreds of people who camped outside of shops in earlier launches.

The sales performances of the United States technology giant’s recent line-up are being watched closely in the smartphone market of the world, where Apple has been losing its grip to competitors with the cheaper and feature-packed handsets in the latest times.

The queues at the Beijing and Shanghai stores, which comprised made up to the few dozen customers, were in sharp contrast to the earlier years when hundred used to wait for hours at a time outside the Apple stores to be the first to get their hands on the latest offerings.

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However, much of the fanbase in China has shifted online where the pre-sales for iPhone 11, priced in the range of $699 and $1,099 started earlier.

As per the analysts they had gotten off to a better start than the last cycle a year before.

Chinese e-commerce site said that the day one pre-sales for the iPhone 11 series was up to 480percent versus the comparable sales for the iPhone XR last year.

The in-store launch of the iPhone 11 in China has come a day after the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei revealed the new smartphones which it said were more compact, with more sensitive cameras and wraparound screens more vivid than those of the most recent iPhone, though it played down the concerns regarding the lack of access to the popular apps of Google.

Huawei has witnessed an increase in support from the Chinese consumers after the brand was engaged in a trade war between the US and China, which has in turn affected adversely on the market share of Apple in the country.

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