No Chances of Imran Khan to Become PM—Astrologers’ Predictions-2018

As per the predictions of the Astrologers and palmists, there is no probability of Imran Khan—Chief—Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to become the prime minister of Pakistan in the year 2018. They also predicted about the campaigns that the political parties would be launching for accountability before the next general elections.

The Astrologers and palmists are of the belief that General Qamar Javed Bajwa—Chief of Army Staff successfully leading the armed forces promises well for the nation’s future. Additionally, they predicted the corrupt individuals who somehow were able to escape the accountability net so far would finally be facing the courts this new year.

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Syed Intizar Hussain Shah Zanjani—an astrologer speaking at one of the forums predicted that Nawaz Sharif would continue playing his role as a prime minister. The PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz) leader would most probably be writing an autobiography in which he would be documenting his successes and mistakes.

Yaseen Wattoo—a palmist told that Pakistan would be taking a strong stand against the United States regarding the country’s power. He further predicted that the general elections would occur as scheduled in 2018. However, he mentioned that there are no chances for Nawaz Sharif to personally come into some power position. The palmist also said that the chances of Shahbaz Sharif—Chief Minister Punjab of becoming the next prime minister could not be ignored. He also predicted that there are no chances for Imran Khan to be the prime minister, but his popularity would remain the same.

Sadia Arshad—another astrologist predicted a price rise in the necessary commodities during the first half span of 2018.

She added that there would be strong yet close competition between Shahbaz Sharif and Imran Khan. But, even if Imran Khan would not become the prime minister he would remain famous as ever among the people.

Syed Mussawar Zanjani—astrologer predicted that 2018 would bring definite progress for Pakistan.

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