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NITB to Launch an App that will Digitize Citizen Data

The National Information Technology Board (NITB) has been working hard to digitize the citizen data that is with the government of Pakistan. NITB specializes in executing robust IT technologies and system automation to make digital Pakistan a reality.

Reportedly, NITB is working on an app that will digitize the citizen data that is with the government and it will make it accessible to the citizens. The aim of this move is to make the government departments paperless and allow them to retain information for a longer period of time. Also, it will help in deploying e-office solutions across various ministries and their departments.

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Presently, the government departments that share their data for the app also includes the Islamabad Police, Capital Development Authority (CDA), ICT Traffic Police, and the Excise and Taxation department. It is expected that more departments will be added in the future.

Also, the app will allow users all over Pakistan to seamlessly access their Domicile, Birth Certificate, Arms License, Marriage Certificate, and other necessary government data in the near future.

The responsibility to train various departments and ministries on e-governance was undertaken by NITB. Also, NITB will help in the implementation of this task. Furthermore, any kind of software or hardware infrastructure will be deployed across federal government departments.

CEO of National Information Technology Board (NITB), Shabahat Ali Shah said, “Our strategy is about eliminating human errors and let the machines handle the processes so that services can be provided to both the government and its citizens. The vision is to create a central data nervous system, which will have all the data from different ministries and departments attached to it.”

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