Nissan to launch its self-driving taxi service in Japan next year

An automobile manufacturer, Nissan aims to have a fully automated ride service in Japan by the early 2020s.

According to the statement by the company, Nissan has revealed that they will be launching self-driving taxis service by partnering with a technology company named DeNA for the venture and to have a mobile app to handle the payment system and measure the distance between the pick-up and drop-off point.

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In the app, the option for the scenic route to your destination will be also available.

Nissan wants this service to be fully operational on the roads of Japan before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

In Japan, Nissan and DeNA will face competition from ZMP Inc, a Japanese robotics maker, which is working by collaborating with Tokyo taxi operator to develop a self-driving taxi service and hopes to have up and running during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.